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Friday, September 01, 2006

Chillin in the hot sun

Hey check us out! We went swimming and wow! what a surprise it was for our mom. See when mom wasn't looking Simba and I just dove in. It was so nice and cool. :o)

I hope she takes us swimming again.

Check us out! were are pretty good at the doggie paddle I must say.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hangin' with Simba

Hey guys here he is that stud Simba, just the two of us hangin' out on mom's bed. Simba is one cool doxi I must say, but he really can kick my butt sometimes at wrestling, but I am happy to have him around for now he gets in more trouble than I.

Now how could one believe such a thing when you look at that face...

Mom is a real sucker when it comes to him. None the less it is nice haveing a roommate.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My future roommie

Hey folks! Here he is my future roommie. Cool! huh... I am so excited. His name is Simba and soon I will be showing him the ropes around the house and how to train my human mom to do what he wants.

Oh... and by the way my mom did it! she had 7 puppies on the 17th and good ol Simba is the dad.
Way to go mom!!! You Rock!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Food Stand Still

I am one picky eater and look at this! My mom serves me up some gourmet food, but its just not my thing. I’m top dog! I only eat caviar and the best.
Now does she think I’m going to eat this stuff? I tell you Heidi and Princess would share my opinion I’m sure of that.
Oh well… I guess that I will humor my mom a bit.

Gosh I hate it when she takes pictures of me at moments like these.
Can’t a doxi eat in private?...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hey Baxter we miss you!!!

Hey Baxter, dis your sisters, Princess and Heidi, we miss you!!, When we going to see you again?, We like chasing you around the tree in da backyard. Ya know da squirrels are weally boddering us and we needs ya to help catch dem. We pwomise if we catch one you can have da first bite,, Yummy,,, just save da tail for Heidi she wuvs da squirrely tails.. You hafta come over soon OK!!, Our cousins Oscar and Maddie came for a visit but dey weft last week. We miss you brudder,, Don't tell Heidi, she a pig, but I saved a tweat for you under da bwankie in our house, I hid is reawwy good, she not goin to find it, its all for you my favorite brudder.. Hey, Baxter dis Heidi, I heard Princess tell you bout da tweat, I'm gonna go wook for it, and you better come over soon or da tweat will be gone in my tummy.. I don't wike when Princess hids da tweats, dey are to eat, not to hid fo later,, but since you my brudder maybe I save it fo you, when you commin huh?????

You Cute Little Devil You...

Some might say that I’m quite the devil, but I think that I am more devilish in looks than anything else. This is a photo my owner took of me for Halloween. Naturally I was just humoring her at that moment.

Hopefully she will not make me wear the thing again next year.

It sure is amazing what a doxi does for its owner, and how such stupid things they enjoy.
Humans are such simple creatures.
And all the people that squeak with joy when they see you in these things they call “costumes”. I call them mini torture devices.

Oh well what we doxies will do just for love and treats.

Buy hey… I still rock for all the women just loved me in this get up.

Look at my innocent eyes.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Bloggin' with the family

Hey doxi fans these are my sisters Heidi and Princess cute huh…
Everyone thinks that I look like Heidi but don’t let looks fool you she’s a girl. As you can see we are a close family even though we don’t live together.

I think that might drive my mother nuts seeing that she is pregnant again.
Oh boy I am going to be an uncle!
Such responsibilities… What do I do…
I might have to possibly show them how to pee and sniff…

Well stay tuned for more from Heidi and Princess those two gals are really a blast except when they chase me around the tree in their back yard. They may be low to the ground but they kick butt!
At least they kick mine that is.

It's hard being me

Baxter's first Blog

Hi my name is Baxter and this is my Blog.
I am a long haired dachshund and I am known as top dog in my house or at least in my chair. I am quite the hip sausage dog or weenie as some refer to me.
I have two sisters Heidi and Princess who are just the best.
Seeing that I am long and low to the ground I get a lot of sniffing in and just love the outdoors. I am also quite the barker but I just like to be heard and love attention so if you like my blog then please respond. For I will be telling you all about my adventures with my sisters and naturally my owner.

Remember I’m a dachshund and we doxies rule!

woof woof!